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Dog Behaviour Support

Behaviour Sessions and Packages to start to piece together the puzzle of your dogs behaviour and provide options to improve the situation for both you and your dog


We can help with barking, reactivity, aggression, house soiling, anxiety, Separation Anxiety and much more.

Sharing our lives with our dogs is a privilege, but sometimes it isn't always easy. 

Life can be tough for our dogs trying to navigate their way through life in a human world, they can struggle, and so can we!!!

It can be tough taking that initial step to reach out but it might just be the best thing you do!


We offer FULLY supportive packages to help you and your dog!

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This is the starting point of your and your dog's journey. It is vital before any plan is created to ensure we find out all the pieces of your dog's puzzle so that together we can move forward and have the best chance of success.

These initial sessions are done via Zoom to ensure that safety protocols are adhered to and that accurate note taking can document sharing can occur during these sessions.

The Fact-Finding includes


 2 x 1-hour Fact-Finding Session* 

Your dog's full written report

Any immediate changes are recommended.

Referral to another professional or specialist if required
Any immediate change if applicable.





The monthly package is for guardians who have completed the Fact Finding Sessions and feel ready and committed to the next steps in supporting their dog.

The package automatically renews on the same day each month and generates your sessions.


The Package includes:


1 Hour Behaviour Session*

Private WhatsApp Chat

Access to Succeeding Together INSIDERS group.

Email, Phone, and WhatsApp support.

regular Check-ins.

Liaising with other professionals.
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Enrichment 1:1 Online Session

This session has been designed by speak dog to help your dog engage in activities to build confidence and avoid high arousal activities that can feed into excitement for stress. During this 1hr 30 minute session, you will learn how to successfully implement enrichment into your dogs life whilst avoiding many of the common pitfalls. We have been making puppies, dogs, and humans' lives easier for over 13 years in and around Swindon and even been sort after in America! So you can feel confident in choosing Speak Dog. Our goal is to help you and your puppy or dog learn new life skills whilst enjoying the learning process in a relaxed and welcoming way.

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