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Free Running – FreeMove harnesses adjust around the chest and back. This dog Harness sits further back on your dog so there are no restrictions or irritation when your dog runs free. Perfect dog harness small dog, medium dog, large dog, or puppy.


UK Professional Endorsed – Made in the UK, designed by UK dog behaviour specialist Emma Johnston after frustration with her current Greyhound harness and Husky harness. Now her clients love FreeMove harness for dogs with easy walks out and about.


Extra Strong – If your large dog harness breaks when your pup pulls use a FreeMove harness as they are extra strong and used for working sled dogs boasting the use of Polypropylene fabric which is not only extra strong but also extra soft.


Reflective Design – For those winter evening walks we have ensured that you can still see your pooch by adding reflective stitching to the harness, FreeMove harnesses come in Black and Red


Perfect for Nerves – If your dog hates having a harness put over their heads a FreeMove harness step in is perfect as they clip around the chest and the stomach meaning there is no need to go over your dogs head. 

FreeMove Double Clip Harness

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