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Behaviour Package Session


  • 1 h

Service Description

Sharing your life with a dog that requires behaviour support can sometimes be tough, both on the dog and on the humans. People sometimes feel guilt that they dislike and dread walking the dog for example, or embarrassed that people are staring at their lunging, barking dog. All this is totally common and totally normal and you are not alone! When we have a dog with Behaviours we want to adapt it can be scary taking that step to contact someone. What will they be like, will they judge you? So if you are reading this, well done, you have taken the first little step forward My 1:1 behaviour work involves an intimate understanding of you and your dog's individual history. There are many factors that influence your dog's behaviour and responses, so having an approach that considers all the pieces of your dog's puzzle and not just focusing on the behaviour you are seeing is the key to success. Our dogs' behaviour can be influenced by pain, medical issues and medication, so it is important that you ask for a Veterinary Check-Up initially to try and highlight any possible concerns. Our behaviour packages offer an excellent way of supporting you and your dog. The packages allow you to choose the level of support you want and can afford. Packages can only be bought after a Fact-Finding Session has taken place. Rome was not built in a day and changing your dog's behaviour is unlikely to be the same, but together we can work on reducing stressors for the dog and human and begin implementing new and better choices.

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Billinghay, Lincoln, UK

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