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Fact-Finding Session ( Zoom)

Building bonds not breaking trust.

  • 2 hr

Service Description

A Veterinary Check is required initially to highlight any possible medical reasons for your dog's behaviour. With pain influencing as many as 88% of behavioural cases, alongside other possible medical issues, we want to ensure you have a support bubble of professionals all working towards you and your dogs end goal both physically and mentally. There are many factors that influence your dog's behaviour and reactions, so having a holistic approach that considers all the pieces of your dog's puzzle and not just focusing on the behaviour you are seeing is likely to increase the chances of success. This 2-hour session allows me to gather a full history about you and your dog and the environments your dog frequents. The session fee includes 2-hour Fact-Finding Any investigative work required if applicable Your dog's profile notes are typed up and sent over Any immediate changes recommended if applicable The First step of the Behaviour Modification Plan is emailed to you unless I feel a referral to a specialist would be in your and your dogs best interest. Once the Fact-Finding Session is complete, a support package can then be booked and we can begin work with Face to Face Sessions. We are here to support you and your dog by using compassionate and supportive skills.

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Billinghay, Lincoln, UK

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