1 Hour Private Session 

Everyone wants to get it right from the start and help their new family member settle. With so much conflicting information out there though, it can be tough to know if your making the best choices.

Our hugely popular New Puppy Session is designed to help take that worry away. 

Done via Zoom, you can relax and enjoy this session in the comfort of your home or anywhere with internet access.

Covering topics such as Biting, Toilet Training, Sleeping at night, the right toys and chews and much more.

This service is also available from our remote access learning service, so anyone in the world can book this session.

1:1 Consultations

1-2 Hour Sessions 

My 1:1 work involves an intimate understanding of your animal’s natural and individual history. 

Great for any age puppy or dog, these sessions are designed to help you with any Training or Behaviour help you require.

 1:1 work is proceeded by a Meet and Greet or Fact- Finding Session.


 I can then gather a full history about you and your dog, we can then discuss what your end goals look like.

I will then design a plan that is unique to you and your dog. Designed to help you build, trust and achieve great results through kindness and compassion.


 One to One Training 

3 x 60 minutes sessions

The best learning environment for you and your puppy is not a busy classroom environment. This is a critical learning period in your dogs life and these sessions are designed to offer puppies or dogs the chance start their learning journey without feeling frustrated, worried or over excited.

Covering topics such as, walking nicely on a lead, coming back when called, Stay there, Leave, Settle down and much more, these skills are designed to help you and your dog bond and communicate with kindness and compassion.

Worried your puppy/dog needs to be around people and dogs to learn? 

We have that covered with our Social Walks that happen outside in real life sceanrios where it matters.

Social Walks

1 Hour Sessions

Social walk classes are hugely popular for many reasons.

Dogs are social creatures, just as we are, so they relish in the opportunity to practice such skills.

It's lovely to train out in the real world with like-minded people who want the same goals for their dog as you do.


Groups are kept small and we vary locations depending on the weather and time of year etc.

Classes are open to all ages. In order to join our invite list dogs need to have had a 1:1 Meet and Greet Session me or have have been a Speak Dog client in the last 6 months.

Online Puppy Life

Skills Courses

4 week Courses

45 minutes per session

Age 12-24 weeks

Helping puppies thrive in a human world. We offer two Puppy Life Skills Courses. 


Covering topics such as, Walking Nicely, Coming Back, Leave, Stay, Wait, Handling, Take it gently and much more.

Small class sizes (4 max) and we are proud to offer sniff stations to prevent frustration and boredom.

These classes are designed to set your puppy up to have the skills required to be safe and happy in a human world.

Online Training Courses and One to One Support

1 Hour Slots

Helping to overcome Training and Behaviour issues regardless of your location.

This service incorporates teaching owners techniques via skype/email and video support for help is improving or resolving many of the common dog training and behaviour problems.

Together using various online platforms where we can exchange videos and resources, view how your progressing and give feedback to help you meet your goals.