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Fists in Solidarity

Fellow Professionals

As ethical professionals, we strive to empower our clients with knowledge and provide them with various tools to help them have a greater chance of success.

It's not uncommon for professionals to feel time-starved in some capacity so finding a safe, reliable, and reputable source of information to direct your clients to can be tricky, after all, your reputation has to be considered when collaborating or endorsing another business.

Learning to Listen Session

As professionals, one of the primary skills we want our clients, staff, or adopters to have is the ability to observe and gather accurate information about dogs and how they communicate.

Instead of teaching people how to interpret body language, which is where confusion can happen,  we must first support them in knowing what pieces of the puzzle they should be looking for.

This empowers our clients, staff, and adopters by giving them a vital skill to add to their toolbelt, It also offers huge benefits for us, the professionals, as we can receive accurate feedback, to help us support our clients better.


There are numerous fantastic Body Language Courses available, however, the Learning to Listen Sessions go right back to basics, with no labels, no interpretations, just a simple framework to gather information.

Sessions are run regularly each month via Zoom, they are interactive, and each session is live and presented by me, Emma Johnston.

I already have the pleasure of collaborating with Puppy Trainers, Groomers, and Behaviourists as a stand-alone add-on or as part of their business packages.

The Learning to Listen Session can generate businesses extra income, with no affiliations, sign-up fees, no hidden costs, this truly is just an honest and simple drive to help support businesses and clients have access to ethical information

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Dog Profile

Amy Thomson Dog Training

“My Puppy Course clients all have the live group session included in thier packages.
This is such a vital skill to support them and I just dont have time to cover this adequetly in class ."

K9 Confidential

". I found both the licence and live session versions a game changer in being able to communication about body language on a similar level with my clients.
This has led to greater success and my clients have really enjoyed the process.

Pawsome Pooches

“I am a ethical Dog Walker and I attended this session myself sometime ago. What a simple but brilliant concept. I bought the licence and have it available to purchase on my website .”
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