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Puppy Support

Are you ready to support your puppy in a kind and ethical way?

Our Life Skills Packages can help you learn how to Train your puppy the basics skills they will need to stay safe in the human world.

 We also offer downloadable webinars" that cover everything including common issues such as chewing, nipping, pulling on the lead, sleeping at night, hyperactivity, toilet training, and much more.

Together we can help your puppy have the best start in life!

Our "Raising a Pawsome Puppy" Session can help you prepare for your new arrival before you bring your puppy home!!



Bringing a Puppy home is exciting but it can also be challenging!

. Often having to fight your way through lots of varying opinions on what you should and shouldn't do can be a minefield, there is SO much information out there, it can be tough!

Each Puppy is as unique and individual as you and I, and their learning journey should be unique to you and your puppy's requirements.

We only work with clients on a 1:1 basis so I can ensure all my time is focused on you.

But doesn't my puppy need to socialise and be in a class of other puppies?

This is not necessarily true, working at your home, and then out and about in real-life locations means every puppy has the best chance of learning, concentrating, and feeling safe.

 If appropriate for your puppy, interactions can take place in real settings, demonstrating how best to go about this and when and how to avoid potentially problematic scenarios.

Our Raising a Pawsome Puppy Session allows us to support and prepare you for your new arrival before they even arrive home!!

We are proud to offer a range of packages that allow us to work with you and support you every step of the way, learning valuable Life Skills Training and supporting you ethically and compassionately with a variety of topics from biting to sleeping at night and much more!!

Have you seen our Learning Hub

Packed full of wonderful webinars the Learning Hub allows you to explore some of the building blocks of successful canine guardianship at your own time and pace.

From learning how to read our dog's communications to implementing species-appropriate behaviours so we can avoid boredom and frustration these information-packed, fun, and friendly webinars will help you reach a better understanding of your canine companion. 

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