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Is Fido barking? Maybe lunging towards other dogs?, maybe they seem constantly hyper, or are they a rescue dog, maybe even a rescue dog new to this country? Whatever your reasons, we are here to help and support you and your canine companion. My 1:1 behaviour work involves an intimate understanding of your dogs individual history. There are many factors that influence our dogs behaviour and reactions so having an approach that considers all of the pieces of your dogs puzzle and not just focusing on the behaviour you are seeing is the key to success. 1:1 work is proceeded by a 2 hour Fact-Finding Session. I gather a full history about you and your dog, we can discuss what your end goals look like and possibly some immediate changes ( if applicable) I will then design a plan that is unique to you and your dog that will help you support your dog without breaking the trust between you whilst achieving great results. We have had the pleasure of helping people from Swindon and surrounding area's in a Face to Face capacity for many years. We also support people worldwide through various social platforms who want to learn the Speak Dog way

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