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Puppy Package Sessions

Support where owners have valuable input into what they learn.

  • 1 h

Service Description

What do our monthly Puppy Packages offer you? Regular sessions, where you get to book the time and date of those sessions. Sessions take place in your own home or out in real-life environments where it matters. You have input on what skills are most important for you and your puppy to learn? You have the flexibility to contact your Trainer and ask them to cover a specific topic at the next session, such as a puppy that has suddenly started getting bitey? Our Puppy Packages are designed to put you in control more, we feel this is your puppy and you should have that input. But what about socialising? Good socialiation is not about puppies playing, its about helping your puppy make the right choices around the right type of people and dogs in the right environment, so fear not you certainly wont be missing out, far from it, Our Puppy Plans do not rely on you and your dog working to a course timeframe but instead allows us to support you both for as little or as long as you need us and with what you need specific to your lifestyle. By coming to you this allows you and your pup to start your learning journey off in an environment that you both feel safe and relaxed in, which will help you to concentration better and better retention of information. We are here to support you all the way!!

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Billinghay, Lincoln, UK

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